Sunday, August 1, 2010

Different types of napkins decor (Relaunch)

     There are many different kinds of napkins foldings around the
 world.   And here are some of it that i learn frm F&B lesson in class
which are very basic and common used in the asian restaurant.

                                    This is called the Bird Paradise   
It is so common that most of the restaurant are using this due to it is very easy
to be fold.
    And did you realize it actually look like the cockscomb??
The thing that a male chicken hav on top of their head...

                                      This is an Oriental Fan...
                         yea yea...i noe... its ugly.... T.T

After a few times i still failed to fold it properly...wei...not my fault kay...
                         The linen are too soft....  T.T can found this types of foldings in most of the chinese banquet or

             This is known as the Cabbage or Lotus.
          It is widely use for the functions  or banquet in the hotels.
         * Ignore the colour...its kinda out of colour..*

      Next is the Candle.
   It stands up and on top of it it looks like a burning fire.that is y it is called
Candle.  It's actually kinda easy to fold this...But it require certain techniques.

             I'm sure that everyone has seen this folds before.^^
            Its called as Bishop Mitre.
   In Malaysia, some would even   called it as songkok because it looks alike.
This is the most common that around the restaurants are practicing.

        This might look common...But trust me, it tooks to ages to makes it look
                                   This is called Clowns Hat.

          Look at all my creations!!!  well,, actually not mine la... Its what i learn to
fold. Total 7 of it plus the cabbage.

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