Thursday, August 12, 2010

Times left memories

           Time passes so quickly and i haven't even notice it. Along this 9 months,
i have known so much friends. Honestly, I dint expect frm this job i'll get
close friends like my little sis n big sis n my lao po n even my sister in law...^^

     This was when the first second job frm CAPTIVATE. n in here, i've known
my sis in law..mien wei...^^

           My big sis n a fren of mine where she is now in UK studying.

          My sis n i when first time i went to her house.Cam~whore together.

                          Her first project from CAPTIVATE....

                          me,jiayeen n mr.shy ~yi hang

                      Plz dun say us look alike!!

             me and the adidas leng lui's  <3

               Once and my jie again..

                                me and my laopo....^^

                  When i was doing nescafe mixes....camwhore in TOILET
with carine and kellogs aunt.^^

                        V even organise an BBQ event for us promoters to gather.

                                                 My family..^^
Nvr expect to know all of them frm this job...
I love them!!!  <3  sis, i love u, jie, i love u, sis in law i love u, and my lao po
i love u too...^^

        Once again i say...i'm not scared,i'm not shy!! i'm nervous okay!!!
Jiayeen was rite, even without the lucky star, i'm lucky enuff to have u...^^

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