Friday, February 18, 2011

CNY 团圆饭

           Rly sorry for the superb late post.. anyway....
        back to the topic.. Happy Chinese Rabbit year to

                             What's Up Duck
                           Happy Rabbit Year!!

           Now Now.. lets go to my so called "tuan yuan fan"
                  All of it are home made dishes

                          #1 mushroom kai lan

                            #2  " bak jam gai"

              #3  Roasted Duck  ( frm restaurant loong foong)

                           #4    Shark fin soup

           #5   Awwww  my ah b who is camera shy is waiting
                       for foods in the kitchen

            #6  my ah yi who is busy preparing our dinner

              Well, That's all for today.. BYE  XD

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