Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An evening on Cruise

One vry fine evening, Mocha went on a cruise tour during her internship.
Starring with :

                                   #1   m3  ^^

                                  Saw the pink roses??
                           The ladies gets roses as gift. XD

                 #2  This is the cruise i'm going to hop on to.
It wasn't vry big but its enuff for a private cruise. A bunch
of friends or with your family.They also serves some snacks
and they do have a vry good sound system. You can dance
all wild in the middle of the sea. =P
                     #3  Sea Falcon
                                     The Logo

            #4   That white thingy over the left side is the speaker
                       with the controller. and its waterproof!

                                #5 Front View

                        #6  I CANT SPOT A DOLPHIN!!!  T.T

        #7    I wish you are here. Watching the view together.

                 Enjoy the strong wind together.
                          #8  地球!!!  XD
              #9  SOUVENIR..  =)

           #10 Obsess with the pink roses !!  >.<

* Not much camwhore though.. unable to cuz i'm there for inspection purposes =( 


HenRy LeE said...

walaooooo! so nice lorrrrrr! i also wanna naik!!!

mocha91 said...

Jom!! if not mistaken the price is rm150 per person!! =P