Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY Day 06

The Sixth Day of Chinese New Year!

After waiting for years!! Finally be able to meet up with my
11 Families members!! ( 3+8= 11 )
The Gals!! 
A group of Crazy ppl!! Frm the Left,
Ghost, Gorilla, Snake and Dog
Yes, I'm the snake  =P

All Leng Lui'sssss
The one and only Couples 
Mocha with the Couples.
Sry for being an light bulb =(
 Yum Cha after Sing K? Starbucks!!
 We have nothing to do but Play with sunglasses

Exchange Sunglasses??
Family Photo!!! XD
Love You Guys!! 
I wonder who else could make me went as crazy as them??

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