Monday, March 12, 2012

Beijing World Park

Have you ever dream of travelling around the world?
Have you ever dream of taking a pictures with worlds famous structure?
Having this dream is quite pricy tooo...

But.... you dont have to worry much already..
Why? Because Beijing World Park is giving you a day of dream comes true!!
  This place The Beijing World Park is a park that consist of
Worlds Famous Miniature Structures.
 Get a sneak peak of what the park looks like..
Its like The whole world is in the Park!
My Favourite!! The Eiffel Tower of Paris!!
Also one of my favourite! The Pyramid of Giza!! How i wish to visit there.. =(
They even provide with a live camel =P   Hop on!!
The city of New York!! And the famous Statue of Liberty!!
One of the 7 Wonders of the World, The Empire State Building
An Egyptian Temple, Karnak Temple
That's what they call it.

* By any chance if you go China for holiday, This is a must visit place for you !! XD

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