Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A W0nDerful Dr3@m

    Last nite i had a very wonderful dream in this year.
It makes me feels very happy.

     The dream starts from i am still in my secondary schoools.Then suddenly pop out a person whom i called her as 'jie'.Hahahah....

     Then both of us was transfer bek to my Sabah secondary school 'STKK'.
The moment i saw my school...i feel like i wasn't in 21st century.I'm indeed in 22nd century!!!The school change alot...It had becum very high tech and 'new' and larger than it used to b.

    But wat is more important is i found bek wat i had lose. The feelings of warm n friendliness by my frens....

    Then bek to my house was freaking huge!!!!With lots of family members who i act in reality dunno them.In the dream,i have a mom,dad,'jie' and 'gor'....and ofcuz wif grandma and lots of relatives....They are very nice and caring o!! Admit that i once felt the feeling of 'hang fuk' in a family..In reality..i dun hav a perfect family..without a mom...being the eldest are not easy.

    Bt once i woke up,found that it was only a dream.Well,if all this can happen in reality,i would die for it.Bt i und that reality are mean.All of this is just a dream that would never happen to me in reality. It's just A Wonderful Dream.

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