Saturday, April 3, 2010

A B0r1nG D@y....

               I had a boring day,boring project,boring price,
           boring people,boring places BT attractive salary.. ^^
           Today working in Bangsar shopping centre..and in GUARDIAN.
           So customers...80% of the customers are foreigners
           and the other 20 are mostly chinese and malays...hmmm...oh ya...
           during break time there r no places to eat!! all the restaurant 
           there are so expensive!!! etc:DOME,Chilli....  AT the end,i hav 
           to go to cold storage there buy a nasi lemak rendang lembu...and 
           noe how much it cost?? rm3.90 o!!! little rice,little lembu only..
          1 bite finish ad,..haiz...
                              This is pict when i go EAT SNAKE. shhhhhhhh..
                           U noe i noe can ad....dun tell others o!!  

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