Thursday, April 22, 2010

$illy M3!!!! =DD

              YEsterday noon i w3nt to play badminton again wif ah kit n            sian...then i was using their laptop to watch ghost movie with them together  since i dare nt to watch alon3....

         Then,at around 6.30pm i w3nt home....Bt the point is at nite i had a   dream again!!

i dreamed that i woke up early in the morning wif my things pack to set off to college..WIF THE LAPTOP together...

Then til the time i really wake up....(4 real) i set off to college wif my things pack....same bag,same shirt same surroundings as in the dream.

Th3n when i m in bus...i was thinking....'y i feel like missing something??'
'oh gosh!!!, ah kit;s LAPTOP!! i left it!!"

Then,  i think bek....'wait a minute,i din borrow ah kit's laptop to home wat....its just a dream!!"
  I was so000 ZAdao<3

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