Monday, April 26, 2010

stop it!!

               I had enuf of u!! all this while u keep on talk n scold me 
              like i m ur burden n saying that u r the one who keep me alive!
             I live on my own!!! i m the one who pay my school fees since form 3!
            N now in college i'm also the one who keep on working to pay my school                 fees n my expenses!!
          U hav ntg to do wif it!! So plz stop acting like u r so good or wat...
          U r not at all!!
           U always blame all the responsibilities to me when all the probs comes and blaming on me when u n ur bitch hav fight!...i hav feelings too!!

                  1year n 4months....after this period i swear i wil move out...
               had enuf of u n ur craps....

               so geram.....  >.<

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