Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's L0v3

                       How much do u noe bout love?
               Lov3 is an natural emotion of an every single human
               which gives strong sense of feelings.But i say Love
              is a feelings that makes ppl could do anything for each
              other.Loves makes ppl feel sweet n happy.Bt in the same
             time,love kills our hearts.
                            What creates lov3s??
               What do u say bout this? I say lov3s created from
               feelings and memory.Some ppl might have fall in love
               for just in the first sight.Some might have fall in
               love after they communicate and noe each other well.
              Love's start and end with a word.And that is TRUST.

                                  Why Why Why?
             Ppl always says love hurts.But y do v stil keep fall for
             it? The answer is there's no one in the world could have ever
             resist love when it comes.Loves should makes everyone happy.
            But why when we are hurt,our hearts feels like broken into
            billion of pieces? Do love really plays around?

                                ? Happy or blissful?
                  When u're in lov3,what makes u happy?Being together
                 makes u happy.The strong bonds between them makes
               them feels happy.The memory makes u feels blissful.
                            :(    Sad?? Broken hearts?
                What if u broke up? what if something happen to either
               of u? Doesn't it makes u feels sad? isn't like a torture?
              So y do u stil fall fer it?

                    Hey,isn't easy if u just ignore love? BT no one ever
            do that.cuz u cant run away frm lov3.Think bout it,love might not
           be the most important things.Bt love is the only things that u cant
           buy it with money or trade it with anything.Love is the only  
           things that makes u have a reason to stay alive.becuz u love someone,
           u feels sad n happy.^^
                     Dun be sad cuz it end,be happy cuz it happened.

~m i writing an article??~


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Faith Chow said...

There're different kind of loves such as family love & friendship love & couple love... everyone has a natural loving heart except for those cold blooded ones gua...

If lives without family love, life become meaningless...couple love can still be consider... *Family loves=everything, couple loves not=everything....