Saturday, May 1, 2010

NOv3L or Vampir3s?

                    Yesterday i went to 1u wif my fren whom i called 
                 'heng dai' fer a walk. Then dunno frm where i just suddenly w3nt 
                crazy on vampires cuz i loves vampires!!  ^^
               Reason is they r cute!! n cool!! ofcuz i mean gt brain d vampires 
                      Anywayyyyyy.........I went to popular n i finally found 
               my favourite novel!!!!  the tittle is ' Keys to the kingdom'
                total of 7volumes...each volumes/episode has a name....
               vol.1)  Mister Monday
               vol.2)  Grim Tuesday
               vol.3)  Drowned Wednesday
               vol.4)  Sir Thursday
               vol.5)  Lady Friday
               vol.6)  Superior Saturday
               vol.7)  Lord Sunday

                      Few years ago maybe around 5 years ago i've read the 
               Mister Monday n Grim Tuesday. I've been looking fer this novel
            fer ages n i finallyyyy found it!!  ^^
             I've bought the third vol. Drowned Wednesday...
                    At first i was thinking on buying  the dracula a kind 
             of vampires books....Bt then when i found the novel i was looking
         fer,i placed the dracula back n i took my novel to the counter n paid
           fer it.hahaha

yea...i noe...blur...cuz i took it frm the pict in the book....


Dont u think the fangs looks so cute n adorable!! ^^
i wish i have one too....:)

C...vampires r so cute...n this is where my name Mocha comes frm....
funny isn't.
 bt it just happen i love vampires!!  ♥

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