Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All bout m3!! ♥ think so

   First of all...today's topic is just all bout me...just wanted someone 
   n myself to noe me better in this way....^^
                        How well i noe myself..??

  •      I sucks at mix n match in terms of clothing
  •      I sucks at knowing wat ppl's thinking
  •      I sucks at comforting ppl
  •      I lack of humour
  •      I'm kinda sensitive
  •      I cried easily
  •      I relied too much on others
  •      I laf easily
  •      I angry easily
  •      It's not hard at all to get me happpy bek
  •      I cant write chinese
  •      I'm an mid-centric type
  •      I hav short memory  >.<
  •      I wont put too much 'gan qing' on a person

                            Wat do i lov3???

  •        I loves my close n good frens
  •        I loves my ah b
  •        I loves surrounded by frens
  •        I loves my studies
  •        I loves reading fictions book
  •        I loves mon3y
  •        I loves singing
  •        I loves watching movies
  •        I loves S.H.E
  •        I loves on9
  •        I loves my phones
  •        I loves hanging out
  •        I loves extreme
  •        I loves adventures
  •        I loves FREEDOM
  •        I loves vampires!!

                       What do i hates??

  •                I hates ppl lied to me
  •                I hates ppl ffk
  •                I hates ppl ignoring me
  •                I hate ppl dun choi me
  •                I hate ppl backstep me
  •                I hates bugs
  •                I hates mosquitoes
  •                I hates boring
  •                I hates no money
  •                I hates difficulties
  •                I hates that 'baka' n 'bitch'
  •                I hates get scolded fer something that's not  my fault
  •                I hates ppl keep on annoy me n 'guan' me
  •                I hates zombies  

          I thinks thats all bout me that i noe n i remember....
             If u do noe more pls list it out fer me??

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