Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just the beginning..........

          Phew.....i never tot that finding a room to rent in wangsa is
so hard...Well,actually its not hard..just that i have to0 meet mt budget
n have to find  rooms that allowed pets...for ur information.....i did bring
my dearest ah b along with me.
         Finally.....i have found a medium room in menara alpha that 
coz rm350. And they allowed pets too....i'm so happy.My soon going
to be my rooms room was big enuf to fit 2 to 3 person.But fer convenience,
i prefer 2 person.ofcuz if i can afford it, i prefer alone.......     
         So currently i'm kinda short of money n really nids money so i have to
 look fer more jobs to support myself. Rm800 a month wont be enuf fer me....
 hmm....heard that there's  a place near alpha that hiring ppl....i think is waitress.
 So i'm going to take the night shift.
        I noe all of this is just the beginning. There is more to come..
 Will be facing some economic problems soon.But since i've choose this way..
 I have to insiiston wat i hav to do....
            I hope i can manage all of this n stay alive to pay my frenz money. <3

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