Saturday, June 26, 2010

Terminology fer frenz and lovers..

knowing u in an fate
 U may not noe every single person in the world.
That is y by knowing the ppl that u hav met is call 
an fate.

Like u is an luck
 Not the every single person that u hav  met and know them
u'll like them as who they are.Thats y after u met the person
and u like them is called an luck.


loving u is an blissful

Think it over...How long do u nid to find a person who

worth u to love fer.How many ppl has pass by and u did 

not love them.That is y when u fell fer someone is called 

an blissful. 


Leaving u is part of our life

In this world full of reality, leaving the person u care

or being leave by the person u like or love is part of our life.

No one in this world nvr experience this situation b4.


That is y, again and again n again just like the email that

v always receive, " Tell every single person u care how much u

appreciate them frm the moment u met them,like them love them n til

leaving b4 everythings is too late




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