Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's ur prob...shoo.....

     As i mention in fb...i HATE u all..yesshhhh u all!! accept few of u... U noe urself.
 Hate me dislike me and that is ur prob! not mine! keep on humiliating me makes u all
happy?? fine! go on.....i have my pride and my LIMIT too00....

     If u guys dun like me..then get lost! dun expect me to change my personality just
 to be one of u all! U GUYS ARE NOTHING but a piece of shit!

     My personality makes who i am...i'm childish....so WHAT!! i nvr do anything
 wrong...i m childish but i noe how to think! i'm not born to be humiliate by everyone!
 step me sometimes i'm fine...but reach my limit dun expect me to be FINE!

       I'll treat u the way u treat me! u good to me and i'll be more good to u....
 be harsh on me and dun ever expect me to treat u nice. I'M NOT A STUPID 
u asshole!

       I nvr regret on entering here.Instead, i'm proud to be....But i nvr proud to be wit u
all.So, rite after grad then bye n forever shoo frm my life!

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