Thursday, July 15, 2010

When loneliness strikes...

   The feelings came back....Or i should say the feelings nvr goes.
It always stays wit me. =(     The feeling of lonely.

  Lonely.Y do i say lonely.? yeah....lots of what? Lonely
still stays wit u.

   Dont even know when does it start to have this feelings, but as more as
i recall, it has been a long long time. It might be the reason y i'm always
emo out of sudden.

    Since frm b4 i move out till i move out, this feelings still sticks with
me. Most probably is because LONELINESS LOVES ME!


    I was so00 hoping anyone....ANYONE could tell me y???
Y do i has this feelings. What do i really lack of??
 I cried everyday...everynite...all the time....and i dun even noe the
reason y. one is there....

What if someone is there?? IT doesn't make a differences at all.
Hello!! anyone??   no ones one.

 I dun even noe wat m i posting.... >.<

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