Wednesday, July 21, 2010

See what i've got here!!

Hey...i've got something very nice frm giant kj...check this out.

Nestle corn flakes!!  guess how much i bought this fer....
Its oni fer rm6.99....yeshhh... It's Rm6.99
What else??

Look!! There's free honey gold flakes too!! i think its around

Unfortunately, the time i went to collect my free stuff, it has out of stock!! And i was like
*har!!!!* then the person just giv me this 2 CUTEEEE little pencil case!!

Look at it!!! isn't adorable!! It's baby bugs bunny!!  It's just so cute that i can't take my eyes
of it.....<3

The other tweety bird....It's cute tooo...but i prefer baby bugs....^^
Am i lucky or wat??

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