Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5hrs lock outside the room T.T

         Planning on going to my job training today by leaving my house at
1pm. So, as usual i woke up when my phone rangs as being an alarm to me.
         It's 11am++...i went out to my room to brush my teeth and so on...
Then i went to boiled some water to make a cup of milo for me as a breakfast.

        Suddenly i heard a 'BOOM', the sound came frm my room and i ignore it
as i thought it was just the wind that blow my room door and closed it.

      Then the unlucky part was when i tries to open the door,it was locked...
 Gosh...i was so nervous that i cant miss my training so try so many ways to go
back into the room. For your information, my phones,keys,wallet,lappie and all my
stuff was inside my room.

      So, i start by hitting the door.Then using my KARATE KICK and kick the
stupid door....The funny thing was i take a broom a start hit the door lock and prays
that it really open.Worse to worse i even tries to climb through my room window.
I climb halfway n i have no idea on how to get in....Oh ya...did i mention i live in
13th floor where u can see clearly the KLCC view??

       Luckily i dint fell down..or else,good bye to my ah b,my little sis n big sis my
so called lao po....^^

 Back to the topic...I waited on the living room for more than 5 hrs to wait for my
housemate to come back. Guess,What would a dummy like me do during the 5hrs?
OH.....U wont wanna know.....Ridiculous enough haahahaha......Mold and yeast
growing on me......eewww!!!

     So, around 5pm++ my housemate return and i beg him to help me to open
the door by just push it or hit it or do what ever as he like as long as the door open.
As i thought. The door open. Thanks him so MUCH...!!   I notice the door lock was
actually spoil ad from the beginning...

     And that's my day.... T.T

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Jayson 家杰 said...

What a nice day, haha