Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outdoor Leadership Development Program august 2010

     OLDP, Outdoor Leadership Development Program this batch are
held at the Trolak Country Resorts,Sungkai , Perak.

           Fresh airs are all around and free of haze. A great place fer vacation no
matters is fer family or in groups. I've been here for 2 times. The first time i'm
the student and being train there. It was half years ago. This time, i went again
but i'm being the assistant facilitators. In means, i'm there with other members of
the committee to guide the students.

                                  My Name Tag  ^^
 I'm the assistant facilitators for 
                                         BLUE TEAM.

    This are the medics, facilitators and assistant facilitators for the
                                                     RED TEAM

   Part of the students doing some activities in their respective groups. Ohh...
Forget to mention, we actually have 4 different groups.Which is BLUE, RED,

       Well, this is my dear team,BLUE 1....* claps*  *claps* *cheers*
All 12 of them and honestly i'm proud of them..^^ They did a great job and
the leaders also has helps alot.Though they did not get the award as the 'Best
Team" or " Best Talent Time' but their results just a steps aways frm it only.
So guys, dont be upsad about happy that u all did a great job and all of
u did put a great effort into the activities.  *claps*

                                  BLUE 1   !!!    peace!!!!    =)

      ooops... my facilitators, my medic and me as the AF and also my team!

    Now i just realise that this pict makes me look so OLD!!
My last pict wit my Name Tag and Stop watch that has follows me for 3 days.

             My entire team BLUE 1 and BLUE 2....*claps*
  All of them did a great jobs.....

                                                 Candy Shot!!!

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