Thursday, August 5, 2010

Only in M'sia Part 1

       Hey guys... I've actually found something interesting on facebook.
So i just wanna shared it out. Look out for more...^^
This is only one part of it.  =)

       Sured you can read it...The words are kinda messy...It says that 'I'd
say it was probably those DAMN ALIENS again. Them and their illegal
moon cock trade.Always trying to kidnap all the ARGON.'
Argon are one of the 3 piece of the atmosphere.
Duh...damn aliens??

                       This was one of the essays i found on the walls...
                        This is how kids nowadays wrote an essays.
                                  Repeating again and again??

    Well, this i think was the most funny the student apply the concept
of 1Malaysia to the essays....Malays,chinese and english are all inside the malay

                                              English essays.
                    I'm wondering what was the topic of the essays??
                        What i would like to see on my parents or
                                 How much i love money??

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