Monday, August 23, 2010

7 Wonders Of The World 2010

         I'm sure you heard of 7 Wonders of the World rite?
The wonders change almost every year...And in the year of
2010, these are the new 7 Wonders.

                                           TAJ  MAHAL
no no no...not the rice brand taj mahal...It's real TAJ MAHAL
                                     It's located in Agra,INDIA (SEA)

                                      MACHU PICCHU
                It sure sounds like pichu(pokemon)
               It's located in     Cuzco,PERU   ( South America )

                                          CHICHEN ITZA
no no...It's not  the pyramid of GIZA's out of the list..
         This located in  Yucatan, MEXICO  ( North America )

                      I'm sure all of u know what is this rite?
                               It's in Rome, ITALY  ( Europe)

                                   GREAT WALL OF CHINA
           Oh...don't call yourself a chinese if u don't know what is this.
                                  AKA   Little White Dragon
                                  Located in CHINA ( SEA )

                          Located in JORDAN  ( Europe )

                                    CHRIST THE REDEEMER
            Located in Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL   ( South America)

                                             Now you know
               What Is The 7 Wonders Of the World 2010

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