Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Truth behind Jiayeen Mimo

  This is the blogger named JIAYEEN

                                   AKA   MIMO
                      AKA   my dear little sis....  ^^ my little princess..^^

                     This is my favourite picts of hers...
She used to use this ******** to sot me de  T.T

              Look at her bubbly face...  >.<
                Everyone says she is so CUTE
           and that is because she has a fat cheek...**winks*

                      And only she would do this in the public  =)

                                   And this is the most normal jiayeen...
                                            4 eyed jiayeen...

                   ps : sis...i love u...muacks...<3

Click HERE for her blog. =P

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