Monday, August 30, 2010

Benvenuto ...

                          Starring M3..Mocha the blogger...
                      Do i look like an expert waitress??  =)

        Yesh...BENVENUTO...In Italian language it means WELCOME..
                 Our menu card??              Nice??
                  Appertiser~ Toasted Brushetta
                   Main Course~ Chicken Piccata Surprice
                     Dessert ~ Tropical Vanilla Crepe

       If u guys did followed up my previous post,i did mention about on
napkins folding..See those napkins? I fold's called CANDLE.
Oh ya..and my table setting.

                           Look from the front...Our Decor...

               Look frm the back... With lappie n speaker..
                                      Can u spot me??

               Me and the Dessert Chef~Ms.Jackie
She is making the crepe while i go 'kacau' her..haha  ^^

And this is my day...Our F&B practical test...^^

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