Wednesday, September 29, 2010

APDW pt1

    On the 19th to 22nd sept, APDW or Asian Pacific Digestive Week
was held in  Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

                                         This is a mini program book.
This conference was attend by the doctors frm around the world such as
Taiwan,Vietnam,Chille, China,Japan,South Korea,Thailand,US,UK etc.

Guess how much a delegate has to pay just for entering this conference?
it's USD 200 to USD 600.
Yesh!!  Its equivalent to Rm 700 to Rm2K++

Some even sponsor to others doctors.
As much as i could remember,there is a doctor frm Hospital Queen
Elizabeth from Sabah named Philip Padin...something sounds like that lah..
sponsored 6 other doctors. Per person USD200.

                                   That me,the blogger.
I was hired by them as a permanent staff.I'm handling the registration counter.
For your information, this conference was actually last 5 days.
But i only work for 2 days. Saturday and Sunday.

                                       Me me me... My pass!!

Try to enlarge this photo and look carefully at the paper that we're holding.
 We're playing BINGO !!   ^^
     This is Sofia.. ^^ Same with me..she is also handling the registration counter.

   And this...our   MONKEY...  she's an usheres.

I believe after reading up to here, you guys sure are wondering am i working
or camwhoring or playing??

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