Sunday, October 3, 2010

APDW pt2

   Previous post i was talking on my job and all the photos on the
first day. And this are on the second Day.
This are all the bags that has to be given to those delegates.
Total expected delegate are attending are around 2800.

                   DElegates that attending this conference.
    On today,19th sept was about opening ceremony.
                In any case that you might know who is him..
             He is Goh Khean Lee. The president of the APDW
Asian Pacific Digestive Week 2010.

  The performance after all the 7 speech given by those VIP.
    Erm,,,, i guess this is the traditional dance frm ethnic...
The second performance.

                         The third performance.

Frankly this type of performance to the  foreigners can be says that
spoils their eyes...
After end of those performance,seriously i heard some of the delegates laugh at them.
I mean their make up la...

                          ~~~~  The End ~~~~

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