Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Civet Coffee/ Kopi Luwak

      Arabica, Liberica or Robusta coffee beans are the coffee beans that
you have been familiar of.

     Have you ever heard of Civet Coffee A.K.A Kopi Luwak ?
     Being the most expensive coffee beans in the world.
It cost frm USD 100 to USD 600 per pound/ 0.5kg.
This coffee are mostly found in Bali and it's made from Coffee Berries.

  Do you know what makes this coffee so special and cost so high??

You'll be surprised.

     Coffee berries are normally plant and it will be eaten by a species of FOX
named  Asian Palm Civet.

Due to the fox cant digest the beans found in the Coffee Berries,
Beans in coffee berries will result in being POOP out by this 
cute little fox.
And here it go~~~~~


The next step is those ppl will pick out those beans frm there and go through
the making coffee processed.

IT is says that this coffee is so expensive due to the beans absorb all those 
nutrients and enzymes from the fox and make it so worth of price.

If you had a chance,Would you have a try on the coffee?  

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