Sunday, September 12, 2010

A day With a long lost old frenzzzz

   As i mention...This is a post about a day out with a friend of mine in
sabah that has been my classmate fer 3 years when i'm form 1 to form

                         Introducing   ME !!  <3
                         Do i look fat??
OH ya..i was eating  wan ton mee with chicken chop.^^

    Mocha the blogger and the heroin of the day  ^^
While we're waiting fer the waiter to serve us... v took some time to
take some picts since v must precious our every single minutes that v have.

          me me me me  me AGAIN...haha..
                       Guess where are v??
YEAP...v are in the monorel station. Went to times square fer dinner
then v head to our next destination again. ^^

                                                  The PAVILION!!
                                            i LOOK so fat...  T.T
Oh..forgot to mention. Y are they here?  They came to Kl fer vacations!!
And that day was the day b4 merdeka.^^

                                ................ Tada............
  Actually that time i was talking phone with my AH JIE...
and their parents FORCE me to go and take picts...  T.T
so i have to ask my jie to hang on..
1: post
2:talk phone
3: smile
4: say cheese  <3

I am multi talented..  ^^

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