Thursday, September 16, 2010

Islands in Malaysia

   If you are ask to list out the names of the most clean and
beautiful islands in Malaysia, Which one would you say??

                       Pulau Ketam?
                      Port dickson?
                     What Else?

Now now.... Back to the topic.Today the blogger proudly
presents the nicest island in Malaysia......
                            SIPADAN ISLAND
                              Isn't nice??
Sipadan Island.A great Escape for vacations in domestic.
Located in Sabah,Labuan.In labuan it is also duty free,^^

  Tell me.Where else can you find a clear water like this???
It is so clear that you can even see the bottom of the sea through your
naked eye from the top.

Sipadan Island also has been rank the top 5 wall dives views in the world.

               Awww....How i wish i could dive.  T.T
                      But diving must have a licence. T.T

Perhentian Island
As you can see.The water aren't as clear as the above one.
                                But still ok ok lar...XD

                  Wootz....This one looks nice. Relaxing isn't.

               Sea turtle that could be found in this islands. ^^
                                Big fat turtle.  >.<

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