Friday, February 25, 2011

My lunar Birthday XD

                    Well, its time to admit that i'm OLD T.T
                According to chinese age, this year i'm 21 years
                                instead of 20 years.

  *1  This year, i celebrate my so called lunar bday with my family.
              They bought me a cheese cake XD
ps: i love cheese cake and also chocolate indulgence cake XD

                         *2   prawns with kai lan XD
                           One of favourite dishes <3

             *3  chicken ____ if u could see the shape of it 0.o

                       *4  Sepan fish with japan's sauce
                    thrust me.. the taste are sooo awesome XD

                         *5  once again shark fin soup

                   *6 the lonely me cutting the cake alone T.T

chop chop -- that's all for todays post  ^^


deeahzone said...

Happy Birthday! Wish u all the best Serene;)

Lawrence said...

aiyo~~ u shud invite us mah~~ help u cut the cake xD

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wooo, Happy Belated Birthday !! =D

Zazabong said...

Gosh u r only 20, still young u know!! Haha! Happy Lunar Bday! :P