Monday, February 28, 2011

NRR Recognition Night 2011

               NRR Recognition Night are brought by Qnet A.K.A
             Questnet.. Some of you might have heard it before.
                    Click HERE for more information on it.
            This Dinner actually was attended by over than 600 ppl..
                         MOst of it are member of GenX.

            A small part of Qnet member.. Can you spot me??  0.o
                           Can you spot Jiayeen ?? 0.o

                      #2  Holding our lucky entrance pass

                         #3  Mocha and Jiayeen

                           #4  Group Photo

                              #5  The Girls

        #6   We're seriously busy with taking photo while others
          are busy taking a BIIIIIIGGGG group photo... LOLZ

                         And That's all for today..

Quiz of the Day 

小白+小白= ??

( Look out for the answer in next post)

do comment below fer the answer. ^^

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