Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mocha's Version of "The Morib Beach"

                 Tada  XD   Mocha the blogger is here again...

          Okays, lets starts from the beginning of the journey

                    Me and Jiayeen Mimo ( with her beach version)
             * We actually saw a "xiao qiang" inside the car and
                           we were scared like hell..
                   But i dont know why jiayeen was like so
                        excited and happy about it..LOl

                Right after the 5 of us reach Morib, i straight
               away bought a kite for rm6 when i saw there's ppl
                        selling a bunch of kites there.
               Rashidi who is wearing the black colour shirt
                        busy flying the kite for me.. XD

              Look at the kites flying.... So high like a bird
             Look at me XD   I'm wearing number 22 shirt..^^

                             You Jump I Jump
                     * Near, Far, Whereever you are...
           I believe that the heart does go on.............*

                  Lastly, We welcoming you to Morib Beach XD

The Answer for  The Quiz

小白+小白= 小白2  ( 小白兔)


Losty said...

You jump, I jump, who jump?

Kelvin Tan said...

ooh, you went to Morib Beach with Jia Yeen ah.