Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally 20's

               Yesh!!  Happy birthday to me again!!  XD
     1st March was my official b'day..  =P and yup,
            i celebrated again XD

                Weee XD  Thanks alot to my friends surprise!! 
                  And i get to celebrate my b'day on 12am!!

                             yeap.. myh buddy  XD

               Thanks to Flora (pink shirt gal) the organizer..

               And at night, getting ready for another celebration
                             wif my precious friend ^^

                    We went to Subang to eat steamboat.. XD
           I dont really like seafood, but i do like steamboat.. haha

                        Looook   ...  They're sooooo CUTE...

              Guest of the Day, me, Jiayeen, RAt, June and kang
              oh ya.. dont miss out the camera man, ah xun

             Ah Xun AKA bro in law, June AKA big sis and mocha  XD

                   Weeee  another cake.. this cake was nice..
          unfortunately it started to melt when we're about to eat it.. =P

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