Friday, April 1, 2011

23rd OLDP

            The 23rd Outdoor Leadership Development Program was
       held again by our Reliance College.And again..i'm there too XD
 For my dear readers that did miss out the last post bout the 22nd OLDP
                                     pls click HERE

          Pretty same as last time, we went back to the same place,
         and very fortunately i was the AF for the same group too.. 
                                 BLUE team !!

                                   # 2  say Cheeeeese

                         # 3  To all the blue team members,
                    ( if u did read this post by your ex mama/ AF )
                        Here is where u learn frm your mistake,
                                   Success from failure,
                                 Get Up frm Where you Drop
                                      N3V3R GIV3 UP

                    # 4  You guys maybe wont be the best,
              But you are not bad,Just that you are not good enough.
                  This is where u should try harder next time.
              When opportunity comes,grab it and never miss it.

                           Well folks, Now it's my turn. XD
                             This is the Af and Medic Team
                 I wonder, What's the feeling of being carried up??

                  # 6  Well, I did learn a lot too frm this camp.

                     Thanks a lot to my super old senior =P
                   Thanks a lot for let me learn frm u guys. 
          I might be not good in communication and expressing myself,
                but frm here, i notice that i still lack of many 
                           things to be a good leader. 
        I'll try my best to be one.. I'm sure i'll be one someday. XD

          # 7  Last but not least, a very nice experience with you guys,

             jing xin,canice,sofia,kenneth,kiwi,wen yee,and nicholas...

                And to my dearest reader, Thank you For Reading

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