Thursday, July 7, 2011

S0m3thing @bout m3 ^^

Helloooo y'all ^^   today's post will be myself.
Yesh..myself ^^  had been a long time since i've
wrote something bout myself.
BT i guess i haven done any intro myself yet to u guys.

Well, this whole post would be SOMETHING BOUT ME!
WHO the hell am i??

                              Mocha Serene here XD  20 this yr.

I love chocolates ( They makes me feels GOOOOD) ,
  milk ( yummy,good for bones too),
and u can call me meat killer  =P
Ppl who knows me knows very well that i'm extremely
 vry picky in food =P
Cant help it  T.T   I juz cant eat those food that i dont like.  T.T

 I likes to hug ppl. This is because i'm lack of love and warmth.
Wish to get it frm others. But i even more likey when ppl hug me.
 I'ts like receiving love from that person.

  1 in a million but FRIENDS are very important to me  =3
Had lose 2 best friend before, but not YOU...
 i'll nvr wanna loose u  

My famous quote is NO ONE WANTS ME! T.T
yes..i'm SINGLE and AVAILABLE ...^^

Hmm, i'm a person who loves freedom and that is
 why i studied travel. And i'm a banana.
(Chinese who does not know read and write chinese) 
sad  T.T 

WHAT i hate??

#1 i super hate lonely!  i'll cry everytime i'm alone~
      plz dont leave me alone T.T
#2  INSECTS are the most horrible thing in the earth! and yes,i hate
     n i'm afraid of insecs! You'll surprise to see me running around when
       i saw insects in my territory.
#3  I hate ANNOYING ppl ~  Dont u think it's irritating when someone
      annoyed u?
#4   i hate annoying and irritating kids.. Frankly speaking,i dont really
       like kids.
#5  The MOST UNFORGIVEABLE mistake is LIES! I hate ppl lied
        to me.Especially ppl whom i cared and loves. It rly hurts me when
        i found out they lied to me  T.T

Well, i guess that should be most of it.. Thanx for reading  XD


HenRy LeE ® said...

ohoh... u have so many friends around u, no worry that u will be lonely! :D

mocha91 said...

even have many friends around,sometimes,human do feel lonely too..rite? T.T
thanks for the concern anyway. ^^

mocha91 said...
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