Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My dear friend~

HUH! Jia Yeen would be my topic of the day  =P

    Yeap Yeap~ the whole post gonna be this fellow.
Jiayeen Tan, a friend of mine since 1 year and 4 months ago....
Do you wanna know what was the first impression she gave me when
i saw her for the first time? heheh  XD
I remembered that time was in Giant Kelana Jaya and i was doing Fernleaf Kuat
while this fellow is doing Rexona. =P   Hmmm, that time i thought that she was those
pretty girls type with those arrogant type.
Well, i was sooooo WRONG...  After i knew her, found that she was a vry
cute, funny, unexpectable , abnormal person.

Without noticing, we've actually went through so many things together. ^^
I remember i told myself not to have any best friend anymore.
But i guess, you are my best friend already. Don ask me since when, cuz
 i dont know.  hehe

Now here are 8 things i like about you.
 1) cute ?
2) your height always make me jealous,bt me likey  =P
3) you're hillarious
4) you are so unexpected.
5) erm, you are nice to hug~ so soft XD
6) like the way u smile
7) like the way u make me laugh
8) like the way u pat my head

* Now here's a request from me.
1)After you read this, can u promise me nt to lie on me again?
    i've ask u this before and u ignore it. =D
2)  Promise that we will remain as best friend forever no
     matter where n when?
      I've nvr believe in best friend forever, but this time, i choose to believe.

Hey readers, dont freak out! I know it's a bit weird rite?


(Jiayeen) said...

I am soft? O.O Yes, I promise u ^^ Muack! <3 <3 I only lied to u once. =( something that hard to tell anyone. =(

(Jiayeen) said...
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mocha91 said...

^^ okays XD <3