Thursday, July 21, 2011

The quotes of LOVES

What is love?
1) You will never feel tired to love someone when you truly love them.
2) The most powerful thing in the world aren't weapon, it's LOVE.
3) When you truly wish someone happiness more than your own, then you are deeply in love.

4) You can't control things happened around you, But you can control
    how you react to them.
5) Love can be as pretty as crystal ball, but it can be as weak and selfish
    as broken glass.
6) Love are beautiful and bliss, and yet LOVES HURT.

7) Thrust is the heart and system in a relationship.
8) A single lie creates even more lies.
9) Lies hurt people who cares for you.
10) Do not cry because it ended, be happy because it happened.
11) It's time to move forward to continue your life because there
       is no point on looking backward.
12) 因为在乎才会换来更多的伤害

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