Saturday, September 3, 2011


SPCA  are an organization where they prevent animal cruelty. Click HERE for more information about SPCA.

                #1  Starring 3 pretty gals..
                   Jiayeen, Mocha and Carine
     Did i mention you can volunteered to helping out there?

                        #2 & 3 The 2 " Dai Lou" in Spca..  =D

                      #4  Soaking hand in the water bowl? 0.o

                   #5  sorry for the bad quality picture  T.T

                                  #6  Say HI!! =P

                     # 7    This Cat looks pretty fierce   >.<

     #8  Hey there, kitty..waiting for new owner to pick u up?

                       #8  jiayeen  wit her new LOVER   <3

#9    Mocha and Sherry ( the doggie) * she is sooooo obedient!!
which ever stupid owner that abandon her are soooo DAMN stupid

             #10  EVERYBODY say helllooooo to Nicholas!!  =P
                He sure has the potential to be a model  =P
                         What do u think it is?  0.o
                              *Ground Squirrel* 

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