Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7days 3 cuts woo hoo ^^

  Yesh...in just 7 days...i have 3 cuts on my hands!!  And all are cause by steels...
                                                   =(  The steels hates me.

                       On last saturday...i accidently cut my hand when i'm opening my
                 booth during work..
                                         Can you see??  it's on the palm....
                   U'll ask me..izzit pain??  i'll answer not really...i kinda feel happy
          when  i saw the wound and it's probably becuz too long did not cut myself.  ^^
                                       N u'll say me crazy...  >.<

                 Few days later on monday, i wanted to cook for my dinner, and
        when i open the can, i cut my hand again... This time is on the end of the
        finger..... T.T   The blood flows like waterfalls....  T.T

                        On the next saturday, during work again i've cut my hand!!
                     Can you see  that??!! Open your eyes BIG BIG and see!!
                     The blood was like pumping inside my skin!!

                                  My skin cells did not broken yet...so the blood is unable to
                 flow out....  then this is what happen when i 'pook' it...*auch*

                   Obviously i've pinch all my blood out n it's red!!  The pain
                          was like when u have 'sui dou' and u goes ka boom......
                                   yeah,,,that's the pain...

    Isn't cute??  i bought this rite after i cut my hand in guardian for Rm 5.50
      It's written water resistant but when i was washing stuff i eventually peel off..

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